Welcome to Brighouse Lodge No. 1301

Where you're always guaranteed a warm welcome

About us

Brighouse Lodge No.1301 is a collection of Freemasons that meet at "The Assembly Rooms" in Brighouse every 3rd Wednesday in the Month, to practise our ceremonies and educate ourselves in various areas of Freemasonry.

We were formed in 1870, under the United Grand Lodge of England, and our members are very proud that the lodge is currently celebrating 150 years of existence – a landmark period for everyone.

​"Brighouse" as it's informally known, is a growing lodge and well known for its hospitality to strangers and friends alike. If you're interested in attending our lodge, either as a new member wishing to join, or an existing Freemason wishing to visit, then please reach out and contact us.

You will always be guaranteed a warm welcome.

Picture of United Grand Lodge of England - London

Lodge history

The idea of forming a Masonic Lodge in Brighouse was promoted at a meeting held at the " Royal Hotel" Brighouse.

A warrant of Constitution by the Grand Master in London was received in February 1870 under the title and denomination of " The Brighouse Lodge no 1301"

It was said to meet in private rooms in Albert Terrace. Bradford Road and later at 44 Bradford Road. The Lodge was consecrated on 24th Sept 1870.

The Lodge moved to various premises until 1907 when it bought and moved to the "The Brighouse Assembly Rooms"

The membership grew steadily over the years and has always remained to be a Friendly, Happy and Progressive Lodge.